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Become a Professional Tattoo Artist


New Changes

TTS IS CURRENTLY IN TRANSITION. Our school is pursuing the ability to offer full federal financial aid to its students. This would allow students to defer the ENTIRE cost through federal financial aid (if qualified) such as student loans and grants through FAFSA. We won’t be enrolling any new students until this process is complete.

Our class meets all Virginia’s requirements for students to become full fledged licensed professional tattoo artists. We include all tattoo supplies, professional equipment, proprietary text books, art supplies and a safe environment to learn in. Sign up to learn how to tattoo and live the creative life.

Virginia tattooing regulations now allows the theory (book learning) portion of the tattoo course to be taught ONLINE, allowing students to learn the theoretical fundamentals of tattooing in the privacy of their own home. All hands-on practical skills and all testing must still be done in person at the school.

Our first batch graduated December 2010. 4 out of 5 of our graduates got jobs as professional tattooist artists within six months earning an average fee of $125 per hour.

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